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274 Bernard Ave.

Kelowna, BC V1Y 6N4

274 Bernard Ave.

Kelowna, BC V1Y 6N4

Sun-Thurs, 8am-6pm
Fri/Sat, 8am-6pm

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  2. Download and fill out the medical form with your preferred physician

  3. Have the physicians office Fax your medical documents to: 1 (866) 921-8970
    (Ask them to do it in your presence and take the original with you)

  4. Once we have received your Medical Form you will be emailed login info.

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    Documents & Submission

    Download and fill the medical form with your preferred physician

    Mail your original medical documents to:

    Doja Cannabis
    #6 - 2322 Dominion Road
    West Kelowna V1Z 2W8

    Your medical physician can also fax your medical documents to:

    1 (866) 921-8970
    Crafted in the Okanagan